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Which Type of Gutters are Classy, Longest Lasting and Eco-Friendly?

Perhaps you guessed it! That would be copper gutters—one of our favorites.
Their elegant appearance makes these gutters an all-time preference. And why are they so classy looking? There are basically two obvious reasons:

1. They complement the architectural style and era of the home with style and grace.

2. Over time, they develop a one-of-a-kind patina that starts with a brighter copper tone and gradually changes to shades of grayish, reddish, or greenish browns. Years later you could see a change to a turquoise shade or light pastel.

These gutters add to the curb appeal of your home and are simply gorgeous from any angle.
Durability and years of service

Copper gutters are widely considered the most durable and longest lasting of all the material options. They are strong and resist corrosion. And an unexpected benefit occurs as the patina develops: it also provides a protective coating. The typical life span of these high-performing gutters is 60–90 years. With this built-in durability, homeowners love the no-worry features as well as low maintenance factors. These won’t be the gutters that need constant repainting or repairing of leaky seams. During installation, the pieces are carefully soldered and riveted, so they rarely leak or require maintenance.

Pleasing to Mother Nature

Eco-friendly products are, of course, important to all of us. Did you know that copper is a completely recyclable material? This is what makes it so environmentally sound. And, because copper retains about 95% of its value, you are largely maintaining the value of your investment over the lifecycle of the product. Who could ask for more?

Creating value for your home

This combination of elegant style, durability and green features creates immediate value for your home. You will invest about three times as much for these longer-lasting gutters, and you’ll receive the same level of increase in service. As attractive as they are, let’s remember that gutters are not just there for looks! The functionality is important. The smooth shape of copper gutters allows water to flow away from the house effortlessly. This choice delivers an effective way to protect your property—home and landscaping—from water damage. Be sure to talk with a provider who specializes in this type of installation. For optimal results, the craftsmanship requires knowledge, experience and precision. If it’s time for new gutters, this might be the perfect option for your home!

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