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Leaf Guards

Making the Right Choice About Gutter Guards

Although customers clearly understand the need for investing in a gutter solution for their home, gutter guards bring up a lot of additional questions. For instance:

Why install leaf guards?
Will the gutters be maintenance-free once guards are installed?
What are the differences in styles?

Here are some straight answers to help you make an informed decision. (If you’re working with Seamless Solutions, we’ll discuss your home’s specific situation and help you better understand the pros and cons.)

Why Install Leaf Guards?

The reason for installing leaf guards is to minimize the leaves, pinecones, acorns, twigs, pine needles, and occasional feathers that would normally fall into the gutters. If your house is near trees, the gutters will be a convenient landing place for debris under windy conditions. And if the trees are close to the house, perhaps extending over the roofline, you’ll see heavier accumulations.

The overarching issues are functionality and maintenance. When the soggy leaves begin to clog the gutters, the water flow is restricted. You may see water spilling out over the gutters because it can’t flow as intended. In this case, it is no longer protecting your house and landscaping as originally designed. To correct this problem, gutters need to be cleaned.
What About Maintenance?

Gutters are installed to protect your property investment. They carry the water along the roofline, down and away from the foundation, basement windows, and egress and access points. They also save your shrubs, bushes and flower beds from torrential downpours and washout.

While serving you well by managing the flow of water, gutters will also gather leaves and other debris. Some will get washed out with rainfall, and others may remain stuck in the gutter lane. Because clogs can occur, especially if there is an abundance of trees close by, the gutters will need cleaning.

Cleaning involves a ladder, brush, scoop, gloves, perhaps a leaf blower, hose, and a capable person to climb up and safely manage the purge. Typically, this would be done in spring and fall. In northern country, the fall cleaning is sketchy to schedule because you want most of the leaves to drop before end-of-season cleaning, and you don’t want to wait until it’s miserably cold, snowy, and icy (i.e., dangerous).

Do Gutter Guards Eliminate the Need for Cleaning?

Leaf guards will dramatically reduce the amount of cleaning needed because you won’t get messy gobs of leaves and debris stuck to the gutters. However, since there are still small particles, dust and sand that can fall into the gutter, they do need to be cleaned occasionally. Another issue can be insects making themselves at home in and around the gutters. The real question for each homeowner and property manager is,
“Do I want to be responsible for cleaning gutters?” This can mean doing it yourself or hiring someone. You will know which works best for you.

Will Seamless Solutions Do the Maintenance for Us?

If you don’t want to think about cleaning, Seamless Solutions offers maintenance plans for our customers. We’ll provide a quote specific to your home. Judging by the surrounding trees, we can estimate how often cleaning will be necessary. We have the proper equipment and know-how to handle the leaf guards and gutters with care.

Are There Choices of Leaf Guard Styles?

We can show you variations of leaf guards that are designed to fit your gutters and match the color. All our gutter guard options are high quality and will serve well, although their life cycle is not as long as the life of the gutters. We can discuss the pros and cons for your home, so you can decide what’s best for your lifestyle. As professionals who only work on gutters and leaf guards, we are specialists in the craft. We take pride in our work and will let you know the advantages and disadvantages for gutter guards on your home. 

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