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Custom Rain Gutters & Leaf Guards Built to Last

The purpose of having a properly installed seamless gutter, flashing, and downspout system for your home is to extend the life of your roof and siding and to wick away water from the foundation preventing a flooded basement keeping it nice and dry. In addition, choosing the gutter system material to go with the right leaf guard system is critical. Doing so enhances the visual esthetic of your home's roofline as well as the longevity and functionality of it by preventing the gutters from getting clogged. There are different systems depending on where you live in Minnesota and how many trees are over your roof. Trust us when we say not all gutter and leaf guard systems are created equal and neither are roofing and exterior remodeling experts.

All of our gutters (
including our 1/2 round seamless copper rain gutters with leaf guards) are custom built on site to fit your roofline seamlessly. They are built to minimize leaks and maximize your homes roofline beauty and functionality. We understand gutter and leaf guard systems because that is all we do. We have 4 materials to choose from, 2 shape styles to choose from, and we sell several different name brand of leaf guards.

Overwhelmed? We'll help you make the right decision on a seamless gutter that not only protects your home by efficiently wicking away water from the foundation but also enhances your homes beauty - seamlessly. Let's break it down....

Rain Gutters

Standard is aluminum. It is inexpensive, durable, resistant to corrosion, and available in a wide array of colors.

Galvanized Steel is stronger than aluminum making it resistant to dents, but can be prone to rusting. Steel gutters are also stronger than aluminum, but is more resistant to rusting than galvanized steel, which makes it more expensive.

Personally, we love
copper gutters because of their beauty as well as durability. Most standard gutters come in the standard "ogee K-style" with a flat bottom, or you can go with a more stylish 1/2 round rain gutter. The latter look especially classy in a copper material. 5" or 6" are available.

Leaf Guard Systems

Leaf Screen - Powder-coated small-hole steel mesh screens. Pictured.

Leaf Relief - Specifically a solid piece of flat aluminum with holes in it that doubles as a continuous gutter hangar that strengthens the gutter.

Leaf Solution - Specifically a solid piece of corrugated aluminum screen with stainless steel mesh over it.

Leaf Sentry - A solid piece of aluminum except for a small space between it's edge and the edge of the gutter.

Gutter Cap - A solid piece of aluminum sloping down that extends past the edge of the gutter allowing leaves to flow down off of the gutter but surface tension attracts water into the gutter. Ask about the heater cap.

We'll pair your roofline with the right gutter, the right gutter guard, and the right downspout guard depending on the amount of leaves and debris your gutters attract.

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